Gothic Art

The Gothic period extends from the mid 12th century to the Renaissance (14th century). Mainly emboddied by architecture and the ogival shape (it was also initially called the ogival art). It was born in Ille de France  (also referred to as French art), strongly influenced by royalty and clergy, Gothic art accompanied a period of awakening of the human mind, a pre-Renaissance in a way, with the appearance of the Chanson de geste in poetry, of scholasticism in philosophy, of the movement of the comunes in politics, of the crusades and Saint Bernard in religion.
In addition to architecture came the Gothic decoration such as sculptures, the characters got humanised, their face acquired individualised features. By reducing the wall surface, Gothic art was hardly inclined to fresco. On the other hand, the art of stained glass was developing, which made it possible to flood churches with light. The activity of the painters unfolded in the miniatures that adorned the sacred or profane books.
The French Gothic art, knew from the 13th century on a great success in the western world, and evolved towards the Flamboyant Gothic art by expanding decorative elements.

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