Print by the Japanese artist Hokkei
Print by the Japanese artist Hokkei

Musée Georges-Labit

Japanese Print - Hokkei


This beautiful Japanese print made by Totoya Hokkei, representative of the ukiyo-e style, popular narative artistic movement during the Edo period, will bring at home all the aesthetics and refinement of a traditional culture imbued with poetry.

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Reproduction of a print kept in the Georges-Labit museum. Mount Fuji in the clouds, series: "Three dreams of luck", probably printed around the 1890s, woodcut, by Totoya Hokkei (1780-1850). This surimono, a limited edition and luxurious print ordered by private individuals to celebrate an event, represents an atsuyme or first dream of the day of the year. Dreaming simultaneously of Mount Fuji, a falcon and an aubergine (depicted on the other two surimonos in the series) is a good omen. (Fine Art Giclee print. Pigment inks resistant to solarisation).


220g. ivoir clair laid paper
Cardboard support + transparent sealed bag
30 x 40 cm.