Musée Saint-Raymond

Phone Power Bank - Lightning Jupiter


Proof if any were needed of the incessant dialogue between eras and civilisations, this external mobile phone battery, symbol of an omnipresent contemporary mythology, illustrated by a lightning Jupiter, an ancient divine figure that was once just as omnipresent.

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Product description

External "Jupiter" wireless battery with USB charging cable and micro USB. Capacity 2000 mAh. This battery is inspired by "Jupiter with lightning", a bronze statuette found in 2012 in a field in Saint-Sardos la Tucayne, near the Cistercian abbey of Grandselve, commune of Bouillac (Tarn et Garonne). The god Jupiter is full-length featured and the sculpture was executed in two parts (right part and left part). The right part concerns the whole body with the lightning in the hand. The left part, which was assembled by an old lead solder, is a drapery placed on the shoulder and the freehand, which probably held the sceptre.


2000 mAh battery
White cardboard box
5,5 x 9 x 0,7 cm.