le castelet le castelet

Atypical, impressive, astonishing: there are many adjectives to describe Le Castelet, this monument that looks like a fort in the heart of Toulouse. A key place in prison history, it was the gateway to the Saint-Michel prison for almost 150 years: it is its very memory. Although the prison, a monumental work of art imagined by Jacques-Jean Esquié at the end of the 19th century, is still inaccessible, Castelet is now its most formidable voice. Yesterday an administrative part, today a memorial trail, Le Castelet, listed as a Historic Monument in 2011, deals with themes as varied as the prison's rich history. You are entering one of the beating hearts of Toulouse. Discover its history!

© Pierre Clanet / © Tristan Digout

18 bis Grande Rue Saint-Michel

Toulouse, France

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