musee georges labit musee georges labit

The Musée Georges-Labit preserves one of the finest French collections of oriental art - Japan, China, Southeast Asia, India, Tibet, Nepal - as well as a large collection of Egyptian antiquities. The museum was founded in 1893 by Georges Labit (1862-1899) to house the collections of this traveler passionate about ethnology, the history of art and the history of religions. When he died in 1899, the museum returned to his father who bequeathed it to the city of Toulouse in 1912.
The museum building, designed by the Toulouse architect Jules Calbairac (1857-1935) at the request of Georges Labit, features Moorish-inspired architecture in the style of the then fashionable exotic villas. With its botanical garden decorated with Asian and Mediterranean plants, close to the Canal du Midi (UNESCO World Heritage), this little architectural gem is worth a detour in itself!

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17 Rue du Japon

Toulouse, France

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